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MDC Production is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We specialize on creating, editing and printing. If you need a new form for your business or office, website or print business cards MDC Production offers the best quality and professionalism at the lowest price possible.

What is MDC Media Services?

From Graphic Design, Vehicle Wrapping Design, Web Design and Hosting, Large Format Printing, to Digital Signage, We do almost anything.

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If  we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to set a time to meet or leave your details and we’ll get back to you.
Email: info@mdcmediaservices.com

Phone: 813-816-4485

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MDC Media Services

We develop concepts and options that we feel will really make a difference to your company. Being a small agency keeps things simple, we can tackle any project thrown our way big or small.

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MDC Media Services
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We drive to maintain a consistent user experience across the many mobile operating systems. This means designing and developing simple to use user interfaces, which work consistently at different sizes and scales (ie phones vs tablets vs screen), and developing the back-end software to meet each platform’s specific requirements.

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Work Process

Successful design projects (being Graphic, Web or video) start and end with strong communication throughout the project scoping and client.

Here is an example of a web design projet.

1. Research & Planning


2. Concept & Design


3. Developing & Testing

4. Take Off


Research & Planning

This is the starting point of the project and is focused on organizing and preparing to build the foundation for our best website design practices. This phase identifying requirements and objectives as well as determines clear deliverables. Aligning strategic goals with project objectives helps clients reach their online goals.
Determine a website mission by addressing the following:

  • What keywords is your target market searching?
  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What does the visitor expect?

Most websites have a missions to inform, sell, or entertain. A combination of goals can also be used to meet specific websites goals. Once all of the client’s needs have been addressed a project schedule is created. Once the schedule is approved the project moves onto the next phase.

Concept & Design

This phase entails gathering all the content required for the website including keywords, images and written content. Some clients may have a preference to display content in columns or boxes, while others may prefer more of a traditional page layout with certain areas emphasized. The key of the phase is to determine what copy, or text, and images will appear on the pages specified in the planning page. The objective of phase one is to complete a design that meets the client’s requirements. During this phase, the client will provide feedback and examples of website designs the client finds interesting. Once all written content and images have been provided the project moves into the next phase.


Creating & Testing

This phase is where the actual work is carried out. The objective of this phase is to implement the website solution in an online environment. The implementation phase consists of creating the agreed upon website from phase previous phases. This is where we train the client on the functionality of the website’s content management system. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction!


Recent Projects

We currently have clients in Canada, US and Puerto Rico. To work remotely, we use project management software. This means you will be able to track our progress and see what we’re working on, in real time. We also communicate directly through email, over the phone or on IM / Skype.

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